The KMV Promise



With a powerful commitment to customers, KMV is driven to exceed expectations by providing excellent service, quality products, and affordable prices. KMV promises to uphold values of loyalty, honesty, and respect to our customers.



KMV Screen Printing was started in Garden Grove, California in 2007 by Vitale (Victor) Leuta  with wife, Saofaialo (Lei) and children Kirifi, Maryah, and Victor Jr. With unparalleled creativity and tenacious grit, Victor created a way for his family to serve others though his innovative mind and hard work.


Meet Our Family

Vitale (Victor) Leuta July 18, 1972 – September 9, 2019

Big Vic”

Victor was born in Fagasa, American Samoa, and moved to Orange County, California at a young age. Since growing up in a time of poverty and struggle, he always found a way to earn money create opportunity to help out provide for his family. Starting with buying boxes of ice cream and selling to the kids on the block, to running an adult flag football league, Victor has always had the entrepreneurial mindset and the passion to fulfill the needs of people he valued. Because of this passion, he worked very long hard, learned intentionally, and continuously improved. That resulted in a company known as KMV Screen printing, a gift for  everyone close to him.


Tragically, Victor passed away in 2019, leaving KMV to his wife and children. Though he may no longer be with us, he continues to affect our lives and live through his teachings and his undying service to others.





Saofaialo Tapusalaia


Lei was born in Siumu, Western Samoa where she learned the value of hard work and sacrafice. She moved to America where she met Victor. Lei and husband Vic then created this company. Lei and Vic worked hand in hand to create and grow KMV to what it is now.


Lei now assists with financial advisory and mobile operations.



Kirifi Taula 30 years old

Servite High School Class of 2010

University of Arizona Class of 2014

Kirifi was a very essiential building block in the creation of KMV. With no knowledge of the industry, he got his hands colorful with paint and manned our first printing press, along side Victor. Kirifi, being several years older than his younger siblings, stayed the late nights with Vic and made sure work always got completed. Knowing this meaning of hard work and dedication, Kirifi went along to achieve D1 athletic successes and graduated from the University of Arizona.


Kirifi is now living in Maui, Hawaii with his wife and 2 young boys. Kirifi, though afar, still assists his siblings with business operations and marketing development within KMV.




Maryah Leuta -26 year old

KMV Screenprinting, Owner

She is no ordinary individual. From a very young age, Maryah was working inches away from Victor, learning the family business and developing her business mind. Though Maryah was the princess of the family, it would not stop her from getting paint on her hands. As a result, Maryah was nurtured into a hard-working woman driven for success.


After the passing of Victor, Maryah was called to lead the business in its dark times. Being daddy’s little girl, Maryah was able to learn the business very closely under Victor. Her similar dedication to customers allows us to continue a path Victor carved for KMV.


Victor Jr. (VJ) Leuta -24 years old

Servite High School Class of 2016

Grand Canyon University

VJ has always aspired to be like Victor. He worked hard in school to help the business behind the scenes. Being the youngest child of 3, VJ often had to prove himself which developed a competitive mindset which led to D1 athletic successes and a success in the professional sales field. Victor has previously worked as a salesman for Harley Davidson and Northstar Alarm. Being a college student, VJ aspires to create a better world, in ways larger than custom apparel.


VJ has always had a passion for not only business, but a passion for creating and serving as well. VJ often replicates Victor’s innovative mind to find ways to better serve KMV’s customers. Working alongside Maryah, VJ assists day-to-day with business operations and development while he completes his final credits of a Bachelor’s Degree of Science in Business Administration and Entrepreneurial Studies at Grand Canyon University, in the Colangelo College of Business. Once finished, VJ will focus on taking KMV to new heights.


What Our Client Says

``Plus, the price was incredible especially for how quickly the job was done.``

Matthew, Strathpine

``Can't wait to do more business with this amazing family in the future.``

Andrew, Smith